Corgi “Casino Royale” Aston Martin DB5 Twisterz Edition (Article Number TY93529) “Twist ‘Em Up To Power ‘Em Up!” Corgi’s Twisterz Look, At First Glance, Like Regular Toy Cars. Only When You Look Closer That You Realise The Trick They Have Up Their Sleeve. The Name Should Be A Big Hint Of Course – These Cars Can Be Twisted To Power Up Their Motors, Then Unleashed On A Flat Surface To Race Away. And This Is Only Half The Story. Press The Small Button On The Underside And You Can Pull The Car In Half Completely. This Might Seem A Strange Thing To Do, But You Can Then Pair Up Each Half Of A Car With The Halves Of Different Cars In The Range
Corgi Toys, England 2006

Corgi Toys “Casino Royale” Special Releases Overview
Corgi Toys 2000s Releases Overview

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