For The First Time Ever, EON Production And Aston Martin Have Authorised The Creation Of A Perfect 1:18 Scale Replica Of The Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5. James Bond’s DB5 Is A Build-Up Model That Is Collected 86 Weekly Instalments From Or Can Be Subscribe Online And The Components Will Be Delivered To The Door Every 4 Weeks, Single Issue Price £ 6.99. Every Issue Came With New Components For The Model And A Magazine With Instructions And Behind-The-Scenes Features On The Making Of The 007 Movies

(Special Photoshoot By Andreas Kube)

Opening Doors, Bonnet And Boot The Doors, Bonnet And Boot Can All Be Opened. The Bonnet Is Even Held In Place With Bonnet Stays So You Can Inspect The Replica 4-Litre Engine

Working Lights The Rear And Front Lights On The Model Can Be Switched On – The Brake Lights Can Be Activated By Pressing Down On The Brake Pedal

Front Machine Guns On The Real Car A Pair Of Machine Guns Are Located At The Front Of The Car. On Your Model These Slide Out From The Indicator Lights

Bulletproof Screen Press Down To Release The Spring-Loaded Bulletproof Screen.This Can Be Returned To Its Starting Position By Pushing It Back Into Place

Dropping Light Assembly The Light Assemblies At The Rear Of The Car Can Be Dropped. In The Movie This Was So They Could Release Tyre Stingers That Incapacitated A Pursuer

Working Ejector Seat The Ejector Seat Is Fully Functioning And Is Activated By Pushing Down On The Gear Stick. The Roof Panel Should Be Removed To Prevent Damage

Rotating Number Plates The Car Is Fitted With Rotating Back And Front Number Plates That Show Three Different Registrations – British, French And Swiss

Front And Rear Overriders The Overriders On The Front Of The Model Can Be Pulled Out To Become Rams To Shift Any Unwanted Objects Out Of The Way

Tyre Slashers In Goldfinger Rear Tyre Scythes Burst Tilly Masterson’s (Tania Mallet) Mustang wheels. On This Model, The Slashers Can Be Extended Out And Pushed Back In

Radio Aerial No Details Have Been Overlooked, And Even The Model’s Radio Aerial Can Be Pulled Out To Its Full Height

Interiors The Interior Of The Model Is Incredibly Detailed, With All The Dials And Controls That You
Would Find In A Real DB5. Look Closely And You’ll Find All Of Q-Branch’s Hidden Extras. The Tracker Screen Under The Heater Controls, The Weapons Console Under The Armrest, The Button For The Ejector Seat Hidden In The Gearstick, And A Few Extras That Didn’t Get Used In The Film
Eaglemoss, England 2012/13

Issue 01 Radiator Grille, Aston Martin Badges, Bulletproof Screen / Issue 02 Drivers Seat, Front Bumper, Front Rotating Number Plate / Issue 03 Bonnet / Issue 04 Oil Cap, Cylinder Head, Fan System / Issue 05 Tyre, Gadget Console / Issue 06 Driver’s Wing Mirror, Weapons Drawler, Roof Panel / Issue 07 Driver’s Seat Adjuster, Left Engine Block / Issue 08 Engine Transmission Section, Clutch Slave Cylinder, Starter Motor / Issue 09 Carburettor Assembly, Distributer Cap & Leads, Ignition Lead Holder & Leads And Exhaust Manifold / Issue 10 Camshaft Covers & Breather Cap Assemblies, Cross-Shaft Assembly, Radiator Hose / Issue 11 Oil Filter Assembly, Right Engine Block / Issue 12 Rear Bulkhead, Torsional Vibration Damper, Alternator Fan, Crankshaft Pulley, Alternator Pulley, Screen Washer & Top

Issue 13 Header Tank, Left & Right Bulkhead, Right Brake Servo / Issue 14 Left Brake Servo, Airbox & Hose, Air Cleaner & Cleaner Cover, Alternator Control, Brake Fluid Reservoirs / Issue 15 Tyre, Starter Solenoid, Ignition Coil, Blower Trunking / Issue 16 Left Calliper, Inner Wheel Rim / Issue 17 Outer Wheel Rim And Wheel Rim Ring / Issue 18 Washer, Front Brake Disc, Spinner / Issue 19 Right Calliper, Inner Wheel Rim / Issue 20 Outer Wheel Rim / Issue 21 Wheel Rim Ring, Washer / Issue 22 Front Brake Disc, Spinner / Issue 23 Steering Wheel, Upper & Lower Steering Column, Indicator / Issue 24 Dashboard & Right Air Vent Switch

25 Dashboard Mount, Left Air Vent Unit, Cover And Switch / No 26 Control Front Plate, Right Air Vent Unit & Cover, Light Switch, Lighter & Dials / Issue 27 Glove Compartment Lid, Ignition Key & Switch Unit, Clear Control Plate, Bonnet Release Handle / Issue 28 Speaker Grille & Cover, Speaker & Wire / Issue 29 Monitor Housing, Screen Cover, Radio, Monitor &; Gear Lever / Issue 30 Pedals / Issue 31 Handbrake, Effects Teams Stunt Control Box, Gear Lever Retainer / Issue 32 Ejector Seat Lever & Covers / Issue 33 Trigger Housing / Issue 34 Ejector Seat Trigger Wire & Spring, Rear Seat Section / Issue 35 Floor Panel / No 36 Bonnet Hinge & Support Rod Holder

Issue 37 Support Rod, Radiator Front & Rear, Water Tank Part / Issue 38 Two Front Bumper Parts, Arm Rest, Door Handle / Issue 39 Left Door Panel, Window & Frame / Issue 40 Left Door Hinge, Retainer & Lock / Issue 41 Left Door / Issue 42 Telephone Compartment, Inside Door Handle / Issue 43 Right Arm Rest, Right Door Panel & Trim, Right Window Frame / Issue 44 Right Door Hinge & Retainer And Right Door Lock / Issue 45 Right Door / Issue 46 Inside Roof Assembly, Right Sun Visor / Issue 47 Ejector Seat Roof Frame, Left Sun Visor / Issue 48 Windshield, Windshield Frame & Rubber Frame

Issue 49 Rear Windscreen, Frame & Rubber Frame / Issue 50 Right Fuel Tank, Right Petrol Cap & Left Petrol Cap Cover / Issue 51 Left Fuel Tank, Left Petrol Cap & Left Petrol Cap Cover Hinge / Issue 52 Main Roof Frame / Issue 53 Left Quarterlight Window Frame, Left & Right Quarterlight Window, Left Quarterlight Window Catch & Knob, Right Quarterlight Window Catch & Knob / Issue 54 Right Quarterlight Window Frame, Rear Shelf Panel & Rear Seat Back / Issue 55 Rear Shelf Panel Back / Issue 56 Licence plate Retainer & Boot Lid Handle / Issue 57 Boot Lid / Issue 58 Rear Licence Plate & Base, Left & Right Tail Light Plate Re-Tainer, Bulletproof Screen Housing Rear / Issue 59 Two Bulletproof Screen Spring & Housing / Issue 60 Bulletproof Screen Trigger, Boot Lid Hinge

Issue 61 Tyre / Issue 62 Left Rear Wheel / Issue 63 Rear Axle & Back, Four Supporting Linkages / Issue 64 Transmission Shaft / Issue 65 Tyre / Issue 66 Right Rear Wheel / Issue 67 Passenger Seat Top, Body, Back & Both Arm / Issue 68 Passenger Seat Ejector, Hook, Adjuster & Screw Covers / Issue 69 Right Tail Lights, Housing And Electrical Parts / Issue 70 Left Tail Lights, Housing And Electrical Parts / Issue 71 Rear Wings Section / Issue 72 Rear Side Panel Left & Right, Boot Lid Hinge Cover & Electronic Parts

Issue 73 Rear Bumper, Licence Plate Re-Tainwer & Left Wing Mirror / Issue 74 Antenna, Left Headlights & Electronics / Issue 75 Right Headlights & Electronics, Left & Right Side Rail / Issue 76 Left & Right Bonnet Support Rod, Left & Right Bonnet Support Rod Mount / Issue 77 Car Front Body / Issue 78 Left & Right Spring Retainer, Front Suspension Shatfs & Springs / Issue 79 Front Suspension Pins & Front Axle / Issue 80 Main PCB / Issue 81 Main Body Frame

Issue 82 Left & Right Exhaust Pipe Bottom Pieces, Left & Right Exhaust Pipe Top Pieces, Left & Right Exhaust Pipes / Issue 83 Battery Cover, Battery Box And Electronic Connection / Issue 84 Chassis, Stabiliser, Wire Retainers, Washers / Issue 85 Left & Right Windscreen Wipers, Real Suspension Springs / Issue 86 Complete Construction Plan (48 Pages) / Bonus: Aston Martin DB5 Protection Cover

2013_10_06 (WEEK40/2013GOODIE)

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