1973 Live And Let Die Soundtrack 8 Track Tape Catalogue Number: UA-EA100-H Soundtrack Album By George Martin / Main Theme Sung By Paul McCartney & The Wings

Programme 1: 01 James Bond Theme (Monty Norman) / 02 Live and Let Die (Paul McCartney & Wings)
03 Just a Closer Walk with Thee/New Second Line / 40 Solitaire Gets Her Cards

Programme 2: 01 Bond Meets Solitaire / 02 Whisper Who Dares / 03 Bond Drops In / 04 Baron Samedi’s
Dance of Death

Programme 3: 01 San Monique / 02 If He Finds It, Kill Him / 03 Trespassers Will Be Eaten / 04 Sacrifice

Programme 4: 01 Baron Samedi’s Dance of Death (Reprise) 02 Fillet of Soul/New Orleans/ 03 Live And Let
Die (B. J. Arnau) / 04 Snakes Alive

8-Track Tape (Formally Stereo 8: Commonly Known As The Eight-Track Cartridge, Eight-Track Tape, Or Simply Eight-Track) Is A Magnetic Tape Sound Recording Technology Popular In The United States From The Mid-1960s To The Late-1970s When The Compact Cassette Format Took Over. The Format Is Regarded As An Obsolete Technology, And Was Relatively Unknown Outside The United States, United Kingdom, Canada And Australia

Stereo 8 Was Created In 1964 By A Consortium Led by Bill Lear Of Lear Jet Corporation, Along With Ampex, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Motorola, And RCA Victor Records (RCA)

UNITED ARTISTS/COLUMBIA, USA 1973 2013_06_28 (WEEK26/2013)

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