German ‘007 Scene it?’ DVD-Based Movie Quiz Board Game For 2-4 Players

Mattel Product Description The Name’s Bond… James Bond. It Just Doesn’t Sound Right, Does It? Nor Does Liking One’s Vodka Martini Shaken, Not Poured. Send Little Nelly. No. He’s Playing His Silver Harp. Stop This Nonsense At Once. There Is Only One Bond, James Bond. There Is One Definitive Set Of Facts, Questions And Answers. There Is Only One Scene It? 007 Edition.

Scene It? Is The Only DVD-Based Movie Quiz Game Worth Your Time Or Money. And The Special Bond Edition Is No Exception, With Stupefying Questions, Ace Clips And Red Hot Action From Of Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Himself. Now, Bond, The Cinematic Triumph, Becomes The Interactive Game That Will Leave You Triumphant Post-Pub, Club Or Dinner Party. A Game With Its Fair Share Of Girls, Baddies, Sets And Set-Piece Denoument Shoot-Outs. If All You Know About Bond Is That He Has A Licence To Kill, Then Might We Suggest You Mug Up On Your Trivia, For Your Knowledge Will Be Put Sorely To The Test By This Most Encyclopaedic Of Group Challenges. And, Of Course, For All Us Gadgeteers, Professional And Otherwise, This Game Comes Fully Loaded with every Modified Contraption And Ultra-Secret Device That Any Self Respecting Double-O Agent Could Wish For
Mattel, Germany 2005

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