British Aston Martin DB5 Precision Engineered Die-Cast Metal Replica In 1:24 Scale (190 x 70 x 55mm) Crafted From More Than 300 Parts Exclusively For Danbury Mint Collectors In 1997. Still Wrapped In Protective Film, And Inclusive Unused Display Showcase Of Clear Plastic With Wooden Plinth (Approx. 280 x 120 x 110mm)

The James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Serial Number 6123, Is A Fully Authorised, Authentic Replica Of The Famous Car Driven By Agent 007 In The Films ‘Goldfinger’ 1964 And ‘Thunderball’ 1965. And Comes With Special Features: Working Rams Pull Out From Both Bumpers. Machine Guns Are Fixed In The Ready To Fire Mode. The Aerial Slides Up And Down. Incredible Detail Includes A Telephone Hidden In The Driver’s Door And Tiny Radar Screen. A Whirling Tyre Slasher Slides Out Of The Left Rear Wheel Hub. James Bond Dispensed Oil From The Opening Tail Lights. The Front And Rear Number Plates Rotate
Danbury Mint , England 1997

2018_11_03 (WEEK44/2018GOODIE)

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