British ‘Bond In Motion’ James Bond ‘Movie Poster’ Calendar 2019 (Sealed 300 x 300mm) Release Date September 21, 2018. Product ID C19005 / EAN: 978-1-84757-804-4

The 16 Months Calendar (January 2019 To April 2020) Features James Bond (Sean Connery) Leaning On His Aston Martin DB5 On The Swiss Furka Pass, As Seen In Goldfinger 1964. ‘The Bond In Motion’ Calendar Features 16 Months Realated To Different James Bond Films From ‘Dr. No’ 1962 To ‘Spectre’ 2015. ‘Bond In Motion’ At Film Museum London Is The Official Exhibition Of James Bond Vehicles That Feature In The Renowned Film Series. It Is The Largest Display Of It’s Kind Ever Staged In London
Pyramid, England 2018

Different ‘Bond In Motion’ Memorabilia Overview
Calendar Releases Complete Overview

2018_12_18 (WEEK51/2018)

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