American ‘Casino Royale’ Soundtrack LP (33RPM) Album Written By Burt Bacharach And Main Theme By Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. Cover Design Based On The Artwork By Robert McGinnis. Catalogue Number COSO-5005

Side A: 01 Casino Royale Theme (Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass) / 02 The Look Of Love (Dusty Springfield) / 03 Money Penny Goes For Broke / 04 Le Chiffre’s Torture Of The Mind / 05 Home James, Don’t Spare The Horses / 06 Sir James’ Trip To Find Mata

Side B: 01 The Look Of Love (Instrumental) / 02 Hi There Miss Goodthighs / 03 Little French Boy / 04 Flying Saucer/First Stop Berlin / 05 The Venerable Sir James Bond / 06 Dream On James, You’re Winning / 07 The Big Cowboys And Indians Fight At Casino Royale/Casino Royale Theme
Colgems Records/RCA, USA 1967

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