Swatch 40th Anniversary Of James Bond Limited Collection 2002, Model 12 With Swarovski Diamonds Dedicated To The 11th James Bond 007 Film “For Your Eyes Only” 1981 Catalogue Number SUJB 104

In 2002, Swatch Unveiled A Series Of James Bond Theme Watches. The Famous Swiss Watch Designer Was Commissioned To Design 20 Watches, One For Each Film, To Celebrate 007’s 40th Anniversary Logo On The Box Or A Special Sleeve, The “007” Logo On The Strap Loop, And The Name And Original Release Date Of The Movie Engraved On The Strap. These Watches Were Limited In Number And Are Now Highly Prized Collectibles
Swatch, Switzerland 2002

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  • Michelle Benammar

    2018/11/04 at 14:07 Reply

    I have this watch and wondering it’s worth. How many were made?

  • Sajjad Shafi

    2019/09/09 at 16:18 Reply

    Bought this for my mother. Just came across it. Am wondering too if it is a rare collection and how much it is worth.

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