Unused And Factory Sealed American Zippo Counter Standee Shop Display With 007 Gun Barrel Sign (330 x 260mm) Holds Eight Gasoline Lighter From The Limited James Bond Sean Connery Film Series 1996. 01 Golden Gun Barrel Lighter, 02 Chrome Gun Barrel Lighter, 03 Dr. No Movie Poster, 04 From Russia With Love Movie Poster, 04 Goldfinger Movie Poster, 05 Thunderball Movie Poster, 06 You Only Live Twice Movie Poster And 08 Diamonds Are Forever Movie Poster And Comes With A Spare Zippo Flints Pack

Zippo, World Famous Windproof Metal Lighters With Lifetime Guarantee Manufactured By American Zippo Manufacturing Company Of Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States Of America Since 1932
Zippo, USA 1996

Zippo Sean Connery Series Overview
American Zippo Collection Overview

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