British 30th Anniversary Of James Bond Event At Pinewood Saturday 26th September 1992 Button (Diameter 4cm)

Special Guests Ken Wallis (Creator And Pilot Of The Famous Gyrocopter “Little Nellie” In “You Only Live Twice”), Iris Rose (EON Productions Unit Production Manager “1981-2001), Paul Weston (Stuntman And Stunt Actor “Moonraker” He Doubled For “Jaws” Jumping From One Cable Car To Another) As Stunt Team Supervisor On “Octopussy” He Doubled For Roger Moore), George Leech (Performed Many Stunts On The James Bond Film Series From 1962-1985), Derek Meddings (Special Effects “Live And Let Die” / Design Concept “The Man With Golden Gun” / Design Concept And Creator Of The Legendary White Lotus Submarine “The Spy Who Loved Me” / Design Concept “Moonraker”), Bert Luxford & Joe Fitt (Special Effects Technician), Vladek Sheybal (Chess Grandmaster Kronsteen “From Russia With Love”), Syd Cain (Gimmick Creator, Rosa Klebbs Shoe “From Russia With Love”), Madeline Smith (Miss Caruso In “Live And Let Die”), Jan Williams (Red Grants Masseuse “From Russia With Love”) And Last But Not Least Desmond Llewelyn (The Iconic And Famous Q 1963-1999)
Pinewood Studio, England 1992

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