British James Bond ‘From Russia With Love’ 375 Pieces Jigsaw / Puzzle (264 x 384mm) Catalogue Number 007/004 Featuring James Bond 007 (Sean Connery) Aiming To The Helicopter Artwork Illustration By Walter Howarth

The Arrow Games Puzzle Series Conatins Four Different Jigsaws Related To The James Bond Films:
01 ‘Thunderball’ Jetpack Scene
02 ‘Thunderball’ Diver Battle Scene
03 ‘Goldfinger’
04 ‘From Russia With Love’

Walter Howarth (1928-2008) Was A British Illustrator Best Known For His Work On Numerous British Comic Annuals (Most Of Them For World Distributors) In A Career That Spanned 60 Years. He Specialised In Cover Art, But Also Contributed To Interiors. His Credits Included The Doctor Who Annual, The Avengers Annual, Tarzan Annuals, Dalek Annuals And Other Annuals Including Bewitched, The Saint, James Bond (British Arrow Puzzles Artwork 1960s) And Danger Man. He Retired In 1993, But Continued To Take Private Commissions Until 2006, When Failing Eyesight Forced Him To Stop
Aarow Games Ltd., England 1965

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