How I Ended Up In A Bond Film! The Swiss Former People Journalist Jack Stark Was During The Filming Of “You Only Live Twice” Hand Signed Photo (295 x 210 mm) And Personal Dedication By Dr. Jack H. Stark

In November 1966 I Visited London In The Filming Of The James Bond Film “You Only Live Twice”. At The Time I Wrote: “The Most Expensive Bond, There Has Ever Been, Is Currently Being Filmed In London. For The Latest James Bond Film In London’s Pinewood Studios Setting The Most Gigantic Of All Time Has Been Established. In Five Months Of Construction, The Art Director Ken Adam Of
Iron, Concrete, Wire, Cardboard And Has Built A Thing That Has Cost Millions Of British Pounds And In The Movie Is The Headquarters Of The Bond Organization Spectre Enemy Agents”


After Me Adam, Who Spoke Perfect As Berlin Native German, His Gigantic Building – Had Shown And Explained – 135 Meters Long, 120 Meters Wide And 40 Meters High, With A 23 Meter Wide Sliding Door On The Ceiling And A Helipad Inside I Then Met The Object Of My Journalistic Desire: Sean Connery Aka James Bond. However, He Was Not A Particularly Good Mood, But He Was Just At War With Its Producers Saltzman And Broccoli Because He The James Bond Role Was Thoroughly Tired. But When I Approach Him With The Words, “My Name Is Stark, Jack Strark” Presented To The Scot Could Not Suppress A Smile. Still, He Responded Upset When I Spoke To Him On James Bond.
So I Chatted With Him About Football. Connery Is A Fan Of Celtic FC. “Above All, I Never Miss A Game,” He Told Me. “The Derby Against Glasgow Rangers 14 Days Ago My Celtics Have Won 1-0, And I Have Celebrated A Vengeance “As I Learned Later, He Had Celebrated The Victory But Rather Rude -. As He Drank A Bottle Of Whiskey And An Empty Bottle Onto The Court Threw


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