Walther PPK Original Set 1960s Inclusive Box And Cleaning Set Technical Details Type: Double Action / Overall Length: 154 mm / Barrel Length: 84 mm / Weight: 568 g / Capacity: 7 Rounds

The PPK In The Bond Series After Bond’s Beretta Misfired And Nearly Left 007 Dead In The Novel „From Russia With Love“, M Insisted That He Use A New Gun. Later, In „Dr No“, Major Boothroyd (Peter Burton) Presents Bond With His New Walther PPK Shortly Before He Leaves For Jamaica. Major Boothroyd To 007 “Walther PPK. 7.65mm, With A Delivery Like A Brick Through A Plate Glass Window. Takes A Brausch Silencer With Very Little Rreduction In Muzzle Velocity. The American CIA Swear By Them.” The Walther PPK Was The Weapon Of Choice For James Bond From The Films „Dr. No“ To „Tomorrow Never Dies“ (Except „Moonraker“ And „Octopussy“) And Again In „Quantum Of Solace“ And „Skyfall“. The Gun Is Also Mentioned In The Ian Fleming Novels From „Dr. No“ To „The Man With The Golden Gun“. It’s The Only Gun/Gadget That Is Used By All The Bond Actors

Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen Ulm is A German Arms Manufacturer. For More Than 100 Years, Walther Made Major Breakthroughs In The Development Of Pistols. Some Are Legendary, Like The PPK And The P99 And The P38, The Standard-Issue Sidearm Of The German Military In
World War II.Walther PPK (Polizei Pistole Kurz – Police Pistol Short) Is A Shortened Version Of The Walther PP (Polizei Pistole) And Differs From It In Size (Shorter Barrel & Grip) And Magazine Size. The Walther PPK Was First Presented In 1931; It Quickly Became Very Popular AmongEuropean Police Agencies And Civilian Shooters Since The Gun Was Reliable And Easy To Conceal, But Of Moderate Power. During The Second World War The Guns Were Issued To German Military Police Personnel, High Military Officers And Other Military Personnel

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