American A.C. Gilbert Company James Bond 007 Road Race Set, The Track Was Based Loosely On The Alpine Chase Sequence In The James Bond 007 Film Goldfinger 1964. The Set Includes 6 Snap-Together Scenic Sections (Landscaped Parts), Two Mountain Sections, One Elevated Road Section, Two Speed Controls Pre-Wired, One Power Pack, 34 Road Accessories, Ford Mustag Fastback And Aston Martin DB5. Glidrose Productions And Danjaq Licence 1965, Article Number 19750

Box Set Contains Elaborate Electrically Operated 007 James Bond Gilbert 1965 Slot Car “Le Mans” Road Race Course That Consists Of Six Main Molded Hard Plastic Sections To Be Snapped Together And Held By Thin Metal Contact Rails In The Racing Slots Of The Track. Assembled Course Is 87 x 130cm And Has Very Colorful And Scenic Basic Layout Including Lakes, Rock Formations. Which Are Enhanced By Addition Of Two Plastic Mountains (The Highest Mountain Is About 26cm High), Elevated Ramps, Underpasses, Tunnels, Banks, Tilted Curves, Oil Slicks. Comes With Many Small Accessory Pieces Including Signs, Fence Sections, Trees, Fire Extinguisher, Fuel Tank, With Pair Of 9cm Long Slot Cars, The James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 And A Ford Mustang. Aston Martin Has Pop-Up Bullet Shield On Back. Comes With 2 Control Units With James Bond Foil Stickers And A Road Race Toy Transformer Model 19514

This Type Of James Bond 007 Road Race Set Was Initially Sold Exclusively By Sears (American Department Store Chain). Manufactured In Portugal, Except The Slotcar Motors, The Were Made In Japan. The James Bond 007 Road Race Set Retailed For $35.00, Making It One Of The most Expensive Toys Available For Christmas In 1965. Unfortunately The Poorly Designed Track Seldom Worked And Most Were Returned

The A.C. Gilbert Company Was An American Toy Company, Once One Of The Largest Toy Companies In The World. It Is Best Known For Introducing The Erector Set (A Construction Toy Similar To Meccano In The Rest Of The World) To The Marketplace

First known As The Mysto Manufacturing Company, The Company Was Founded In 1909 In Westville, Connecticut, By Alfred Carlton Gilbert, A Magician, And His Friend John Petrie. The Company Was Originally Established To Provide Supplies For Magic Shows. Their Magician’s Sets, Known As “Mysto Magic”, Were Marketed From The Teens Until The Fifties. In 1916, The Name Of The Company Was Changed From the Mysto Manufacturing Company To The A.C. Gilbert Company

Gilbert Was The Largest Employer In New Haven From The Early 1930s To The Late 1950s, Employing More Than 5000 In Three Shifts At Its Sound Street Manufacturing Facility. The Gilbert Company Struggled After The Death Of Its Founder In 1961. Gilbert’s Family Sold Its Shares, Pantents Pending For The Production In Hong Kong, Japan And Portugal. The Company Was Never Profitable Under Its New Ownership. By 1967, Gilbert Was Out Of Business
A.C. Gilbert Company, USA 1965

A.C. Gilbert James Bond Toys Overview
Various Slotcars James Bond Editions Overview

  • Scott Jones

    2015/06/07 at 21:01 Reply

    Is the James Bond Road Race set pictured above complete, working and available for sale? I am interested and would like to know your price. Thank you so much for your time.


    Scott Jones

    • 007

      2015/06/26 at 22:28 Reply

      thank you for your request. this is my personal daily growing 007 collection. so that why all goods are not for sale. thanks for your comprehension. all the best from switzerland M

    • 007

      2015/06/26 at 22:30 Reply

      dear Scott, thank you for your request. this is my personal daily growing 007 collection. so that why all goods are not for sale. thanks for your comprehension. all the best from switzerland M

  • Andrea Brannon

    2019/06/17 at 10:39 Reply

    I have one of these for sale. It includes all flags, signs, gas cans, etc EXCEPT the slot cars. The wiring needs repair. What do you suggest?


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