Japanese Redbox ‘707 Secret Agent’ Attache Case (33 x 24 x 5cm) Although This Is Not An Official 007 Release The Connection Is Obvious With The Special Agent Badge Having ‘707’ On It. The Agent Set Comes In A Unique Black Vinyl Attache Case That Unfolds To Reveal All The Components In An Orange Tray At The Bottom And Plastic Compartments At The Top. The Agent Set Consists Of A Passport, Handcuffs And Keys, 707 Badge, Gold Bullet, A Set Of Bullets In A Case, Two Grenades, Telescopic Site, Shoulder Fitting For Gun, A Revolver, A Set Of Larger Bullets, Camera And A Cigarette Case With Hidden Small Gun
Redbox, Japan 60s

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2013_03_29 (WEEK13/2013)

  • Ben

    2016/03/31 at 20:01 Reply


    I have this exact set but the gun is full black (no red tip)

    I’m missing the gold badge and the handcuff keys but do have the set of large and small bullets

    I’m looking to sell the set if anyone is interested

    • Martin

      2018/11/15 at 23:51 Reply

      Email me

  • Zahid Bangi

    2019/05/21 at 21:00 Reply

    I had this set in 1980s my father had got it for me from Dubai.
    One of my favorite toys wish I can get it for my son somewhere as when I showed him this pic he said he too wants it.

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