“Welcome To The World Of James Bond” 007 Spy Files” Magazine And Fact & Game Cards Series Contains 32 Magazine Issues And 150 Game Cards. The 007 Spy Files Series Debuted In January 2002 In The Run Up To “Die Another Day”. Published By GE Fabbri, Readers Were Treated To James Bond’s World Of Espionage In Each Issue With Film Stills, High Quality Eye-Catching Graphics And The Odd Gadget For Unique Interactive Features. Each Installment Was 24 Pages Long And Came With A Mixture Of 10 Collectable Game Cards. The 007 Spy Files Series Was Published England & Australia 2002 To 2003

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The Series Includes Also Magazine Holder, Cards Archive Tin Box With Divider Cards, Small Spare Cards Tin Box, Decoding Lenses Set And The Spy Pen (Reveals Hidden Card Score)

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The 007 Spy Files Magazine Provided Details On Allies, Villains, Vehicles, Locations And Q Branche Gadgets On The James Bond Films Univers. Each Magazine (24 Pages) Is Full Of Detail And Information About The Worlds Famous Secret Agent, Reports, Games & Puzzles, Trivia, Spy Skills And A Special “Decoding Lenses “Image

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The Fact And Game Cards Provided Details On Allies (30 Blue Cards & 2 Joker Cards), Villains (30 Petrol-Blue Cards & 2 Joker Cards), Vehicles (30 Green Cards & 2 Joker Cards), Locations (30 Red Cards & 2 Joker Cards) And Q Branche Gadgets (30 Light-Blue Cards & 2 Joker Cards) On The James Bond Films Universe. A Silver 007 Spy Files Cards Pack Contains 10 Different Cards. More Detail About The 007 Spy Files Cards

Card Game Rules:
“First, Select A Set Of Your Cards (Allies, Villains, Vehicles, Locations Or Q Branche) You Don’t Need A Complete Set But Each Player Must Have At Least Four Cards. Next, Everyone Decides How To Play Their Cards. Check Your Hand And Put Your Cards In Any Order You Like. But Choose Carefully – Once The Game Starts. You Can’t Change That Order. Keep Your Choice Secret…”

“If You’ve Been Dealt A Silver Joker Card, Remove it From Your Hand And Keep It Safe. Jokers Win All The Cards From A Round But You Can Only Use Them Once In A Game. Then, The Joker Must Be Taken Out Until The Next Game…”

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“Hold Your Cards Face Up, Making Sure No One Else Can See Them. The Player To The Left Of The Dealer Begins By Choosing A Category. The Player With The Highest Score Wins All The Cards From That Round And Places Them At The Bottom Of Their Pile. Then They Choose The Category For The Next Round…”

“If Two Or More Cards Share The Highest Value, All The Cards Are PLaced In The Middle. The Same Player Chooses Another Category From His Or Her Next Cards In The Middle, Too. If You Run Out Of Cards, You’re Out The Game. The Winner Is The Player Who Collects All The Cards…”
GE Fabbri, England 2002

007 Spy Files Complete Collection 2002 Overview

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