“Casino Royale” Ian Flemings First James Bond Case Read By Oliver Siebeck Audio Book Release 14th Of March 2013 – 4 CD Box 274Min (Sealed) ISBN 978-3-7857-4791-9 Artwork By Michael Gillette

The British Secret Agent Is Sent To France To Ruin An Enemy Agent At Cards. Intelligence Chief M Sends James Bond On A Mission To Turn A Russian Agent Named Le Chiffre. He Is Ruining Him At The Baccarat Table And Forcing His Soviet Authorities As To Send Him Into “Retirement”. At First It Seems As If Happiness Bond Is Hold – Le Chiffre Has Hit A Losing Streak. However, Some People Simply Refuse To Play By The Rules, And The Attraction Force Exerted On A Beautiful Bonding Agent Leads Him To Disaster First And Then An Unexpected Savior…

Artwork San Francisco Based Artist Michael Gillette Created A Beautiful Set Of Officially Licensed James Bond Book Covers For The Ian Fleming Centenary That Were Published By Penguin Books. Originally Released In 2008 To Celebrate The Centenary Of Ian Fleming’s Birth, Michael Gillette’s Designs For The Covers Of Penguin’s Fleming Bond Novels Were An Instant Iconic Classic


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