Cinefex Magazine No 15 / January 1984 (68 Pages) Inclusive “Never Say Never Again” Report (20 Pages)

“…David Dryer “Never Say Never Again” The Maverick James Bond Film Starring The Original 007, Sean Connery. Emerged This Fall As One Of The Series’ Strongest Entries. To Helm Its Postproduction Opticals, Producer Jack Schwartzman Selected Oscar Nominee David Dryer. Dryer — Who Utilized The High-Tech Facilities Of Apogee — Details The Techniques Employed To Produce The Pivotal Cruise Missle Hijacking, The Holographic Videogame Confrontation Between James Bond And Emilio Largo (Klaus Maria Brandauer) And Other Less Apparent Illusions”

CINEFEX, USA 1984 2014_04_02 (WEEK14/2014)

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