“For Your Ears Only – The Voice Of The Stars” By Nikki Van Der Zyl (Release January 14, 2013) Signed And Dedicated Limited Collectors Edition (No 049 of 250) – First Edition (240 Pages)The Book Contains A Foreword By Goldfinger’s Oscar Winning Sound Editor Norman WanstallHardcover Edition ISBN 978-1-78003-451-5

Nikki van der Zyl (27 April 1935, Berlin, Also Known As Monica Van Der Zyl) Is A German Voice Actress Most Famous For Providing The Voice Of Ursula Andress In The Movie Dr. No. She Also Revoiced All The Other Female Voices In That Same Movie, Except That Of Miss Moneypenny (Played By Lois Maxwell) And That Of Miss Taro (Zena Marshall). Van der Zyl Also Worked As A Dialogue Coach Who Assisted Gert Fröbe, Whose English Was Limited, For The Bond Movie Goldfinger


The Nikki Van Der Zyl James Bond Filmography
1962 Dr. No Revoiced Ursula Andress And Most Of The Other Female Voices
1963 From Russia With Love Revoiced Eunice Gayson And Female Hotel Clerk In Istanbul
1964 Goldfinger Coach To Gert Fröbe On Set With Him
1965 Thunderball Revoiced Claudine Auger And Woman In Red Dress At The Nightclub
1967 You Only Live Twice Revoiced Mie Hama
1969 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Revoiced Olympe And Various Other Characters
1971 Diamonds Are Forever Revoiced Woman Heard On Boat In Amsterdam
1973 Live and Let Die Partly Revoiced Jane Seymour
1974 The Man with the Golden Gun Revoiced Francoise Therry And Various Other Characters
1979 Moonraker Supposedly Revoiced Corinne Cléry; Also Revoiced Various Other Characters


Nikki Van Der Zyl Also Signed The 007 Collector “50th Anniversary Of From Russia With Love” Tribute Postcard And The “Liebesgrüsse Aus Moskau” Ticket From The 50th Anniversary Of From Russia With Love Event At The C1 Cinema Braunschweig Germany 2013_10_12.


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