Swiss ‘Tages Anzeiger Zürich’ Daily Newspaper Clipping December 13, 2013. ‘Drunkard In The Service Of Her Majesty… Vodka Martini, Shaken, Not Stirred.’ Researchers Have Counted The Drinks That Enjoys James Bond In The Fleming Novels. Conclusion: His Alcohol Consumption Is Likely To Have The Agent Put Problems In Bed

Casual, Charming, Clever – And A Drunkard: Secret Agent James Bond Drinks Regularly About The Thirst And Have To Reckon With Massive Health Problems, Researchers Have Analyzed. Among Other Things, Had 007 Against His Reputation At High Risk For Impotence Problems, They Write In The Christmas Issue Of The Journal ‘British Medical Journal’. James Bond Drink Four Times As Much Alcohol As The British Health Authorities Recommend An Upper Limit

Scientists At The University Of Nottingham Read Through All Of The Original James Bond Books And Counted The Drinks Of The Agent. Was Not He Just Caught, Or In The Hospital, He Had Been Drinking On Average More Than 900 Milliliters Of Pure Alcohol Per Week. This Corresponds To Five 0.5-Liter Bottles Of Beer A Day

In The Novel ‘Casino Royale’, The Agent Drinks 39 Units Of Alcohol Before Being Involved In A Car Chase. He Loses Control Of His Car And Ends Up In The Hospital For Two Weeks

The Researchers See Bonds Health By Massively Compromised. “His Risk Of Suffering From Sexual Dysfunctions High. That Could Affect His Constant Womanizing Much, The Researchers Write. In Addition, 007 Is At High Risk Of Developing Liver Cirrhosis, High Blood Pressure Or Depression. His Cancer Risk Is Increased
Tages Anzeiger Zürich, Switzerland 2013

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