American Johnny Lightning James Bond 007 Die-Cast (1:64) 40th Anniversary Set, First Series With Additional Trading Card. Ford Mustang Convertible As Seen In The James Bond Film ‘Goldfinger’ 1962 With Sean Connery

The ‘Releases 1’ Series Contains 12 Different James Bond Cars:
Chevrolet Bel Air ‘Dr. No’ 1962
Ford Mustang ‘Thunderball’ 1965
Ford Mustang Mach 1 ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ 1971
Sheriff J.W. Pepper’s Cruiser ‘Live And Let Die’ 1973
AMC Hornet ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ 1974
Hispano Suiza ‘Moonraker’ 1979
Dune Buggy ‘For Your Eyes Only’ 1981
German Tourist VW Beetle ‘Octopussy’ 1983
Red Crescent Ambulance ‘The Living Daylights’ 1987
Sanchez Willy’s Jeep ‘Licence To Kill’ 1989
BMW Z3 ‘Goldeneye’ 1995
Cover’s Goons Car ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ 1997
Johnny Lightning, USA 2002

Johnny Lightning James Bond 40th Anniversary Releases Overview
Johnny Lightning James Bond Complete Overview

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