American Victory Games Inc. New York, James Bond 007 “Octopussy” Role-Playing Game (Sealed) Cover Art By James Talbot, Catalogue Number 35004 / ISBN 0-912515-04-X

“Octopussy” Is An Adventure For The James Bond 007 Roleplaying Game, Based On The Film But With A Few Key Plot Changes. The Adventure Is For One Character Of “00” Rank, Two Of Agent Rank, Or Three Or Four Of Rookie Rank

Briefing: Somwhere in This Opulent City, The Mysterious Tradesman Known As Kamal Kahn Is Bringing To Fruition A Plot That Will Throw The World Into Chaos. Elsewhere, In Her IslandPalace On Lake Pichola, The Beautiful Octopussy Is Scheming To Multiply Her Enormous Store Of Priceless Jewels. Meanwhile On Another Continent, One Of The Great Treasures Of Tsarist Russia -The Faberge Egg- Is being Slowly Transported By A Deadly Circus Towards An Unknown Destination

Mission: As An Agent Of MI6, The British Secret Service, You Must Attempt To Find The Link Between Kamal Kahn, Octopussy, And The Faberge Egg. But Your Task Is Far From Easy, AndIt Could be Lethal. Armed With A Few Pieces Of Special Equipment From Q Branch – And Your Own Natural Resourcefulness- You Must Uncover And Defeat An Underworld Plan Of International Import.For If You Fail, The World Itself Could Face Destruction
Victory N.Y., USA 1983

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