nomura toy_Japanese attache case2

1979 Japanese Nomura Toys – 007 James Bond Secret Shooting Attache Case (26 x 20 x 5cm) The Toy Attache Case Is Related To The James Bond Film “Moonraker”

The Three Buttons On The Case That Launch Three Red “Missiles”. You Can Also Slide Open Two Small Doors And Pull The Trigger On The “Tiger-Matic” Pistol Inside The Case To Shoot Silver Pellets Out The Other End. A Third Door That Slides Open Next To The Three Buttons Reveals The Business End Of The Periscope, Which Pops Out When You Push A Fourth And Larger Button

NOMURA TOYS, JAPAN 1979 2014_06_01 (WEEK22/2014GOODIE)

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  • Sam Riccalton

    2017/04/17 at 13:16 Reply

    I’ve got one in a pretty good condition so you want it for a small amount?

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