James Bond 007 Multimedia Screen Saver Collection, Volume 1 Girls N Gadgets (Sealed Box 119 x 235mm) The NCDS Computer Software Featuring Brilliant Bond Images In Full Screen Film Clips To Act As Your Licence To Thrill Computer Screen Saver. Content From Dr. 1962 To The World Is Not Enough 1999

The Program Begins With The Famous Gun-Barrel Sequence. Then You See A Montage Of Clips From The Bond Movies Before You Finally Reach The Main Menu Of The CD-ROM. From There, You Can Review The Information By Movie (Or Mission, As This Dossier Calls It) Or by Topic (Allies, Villains, Women, Gadgets And Vehicles)

This Official Bond Merchandise Brings The Exotic World Of James Bond 007 To Your Computer Screen And Includes A DVD Directory And EJay MP3 ‘Freeplayer’ (Windows 95, 98, 2000 Adn ME)
NCDS, USA 2000

2019_09_30 (WEEK40/2019)

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