American Victory Games Inc. New York, James Bond 007 “Dr. No” Role-Playing Game (Sealed) Cover Art By James Talbot, Catalogue Number 35006 / ISBN 0-912515-06-6

“Dr. No” Is An Adventure For The James Bond 007 Roleplaying Game, Based On The Film But With A Few Key Plot Changes. The Adventure Is For One Character Of “00” Rank, Two Of Agent Rank, Or Three Or Four Of Rookie Rank

Briefing: Something Is Terribly Wrong On The Island Paradise Of Jamaica. The Always Reliable M.I.6 Station Head Has Failed To Make His Report And Has Since Disappeared. What Terrible Secret Is So Important On Jamaica It Is Worth The Risk Of Murdering An M.I.6 Operative? All Clues Point To The Existence Of A Mysterious Figure Unknown To The British Secret Service – Someone Called Dr. No. Where Is Dr. No Located, And Could He Prove A Threat To The Rest Of The World?

Mission: Against The Backdrop Of Romance And Intrigue In The Caribbean, You Must Discover The Link Between The Missing Station Head And Dr. No. Though Your Assignment Sounds Simple Enough, You Will Find Yourself In Constant Jeopardy As You Seek To Separate The Lies And Legends From The Truth About Dr. No. Do You Have The Courage – And The Intelligence – To Unravel The Mystery Of Dr. No?
Victory N.Y., USA 1984

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