Persian 7″ Vinyl Single, Casino Royale 1967 James Bond 007 Soundtrack Instrumental Themes Single (45RPM) Played By Different Artists, Main Theme By Santi Latora, Catalogue Number 447

Side A1: Casino Royale (Played By Santi Latora) / Side A2: This Is My Song (Played By Joe Gayon Group) / Side B1: Bang Bang / Side B2: La Playa (Both Played By Xavier Ocugat)

All Of The Iranian Records Were Released In Extremely Limited Numbers. Those Releases Are From End 50s Until Begin 70s When The Last King Of Persia (Shah) Ruled The Country. After Change Of Regime In Iran The Government Closed All Record Companies And Destroyed All Aavailable Records On The Market
Royal Records, Persia / Iran 1967

7″ Single Casino Royale 1967 Overview
7″ Single Complete Collection Overview

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