707 – BOX SET

Japanese Redbox ‘707 Secret Agent’ Sealed Box Set (48 x 32 x 3cm) Although This Is Not An Official 007 Release The Connection Is Obvious With The Special Agent Badge Having ‘707’ On It. The Agent Set Consists Of A Gun With Silencer And Bullets, A Passport, Handcuffs And Keys, 707 Badge, Gold Bullet, A Set Of Bullets In A Case, Two Grenades, Telescopic Site, Shoulder Fitting For Gun, A Set Of Larger Bullets, Camera And A Cigarette Case With Hidden Small Gun
Redbox, Japan 60s

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2015_06_06 (WEEK23/2015GOODIE)

  • William Lasley

    2017/06/26 at 06:09 Reply

    The Redbox spy/secret agent sets were produced in the 1990s. I bought one at Toys-R-Us during that decade. Redbox was founded in Hong Kong in 1985.

    • Andy B

      2017/11/28 at 18:38 Reply

      I beg to differ my friend; I was bought mine back in the mid ’70s. Everything from the box art, to the colour plastic used for the bullets (some sets differ in that respect), was identical to the set shown above,

      I remember this toy so well as I actually swallowed one of those flamin’ bullets!!

  • Andy B

    2017/11/28 at 18:41 Reply

    An afterthought; it’s quite possible that the mouldings e.t.c were previously owned by another manufacturer who then sold them on to ‘Redbox. Or maybe ‘Redbox’ had traded under a different name in the ’60s/’70s?.

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