• M Eden-Ellis

    2018/10/04 at 15:17 Reply

    I think you will find this was inspired by Goldfinger not Man With The Golden Gun

    • D R Gen

      2020/04/07 at 05:20 Reply

      Actually Goldfinger used a gold plated revolver, which appeared to be a .38 cal., and not a P38 auto in 9mm, as the toy is. However, and to your point, Scaramanga’s golden gun was not a P38 either, but single shot 4.2mm, or 1.65 cal, and was not based on any existing handgun as it was a custom piece made by Scaramanga out of components that looked like the following “harmless” items; 1) a Pen (for the barrel), 2) a Lighter (for the receiver), 3) a Cigarette Case (for the grip), and 4) a Cufflink (for the trigger). The P38 toy was jut a cheap easy way to make a buck, by painting an already existing toy gun gold and slapping .007 on the box

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