American CED Video Disc ‘Never Say Never Again’ Part 2/2 Warner Home Video DC-11337 Part II (Playtime 134 Minutes) Front Illustration Based On The Artwork By Rudy Obrero

‘Never Say Never Again’ Is A 1983 American Spy Film Starring Sean Connery And Directed by Irvin Kershner. The Film Is Based On The James Bond Novel ‘Thunderball’, Which Was Previously Adapted In A 1965 Film Under That Name. Unlike The Majority Of Bond Films, ‘Never Say Never Again’ Was Not Produced By Eon Productions, But By An Independent Production Company, One Of Whose Members Was Kevin McClory, One Of The Original Writers Of The Thunderball Storyline With Ian Fleming And Jack Whittingham. McClory Retained The Filming Rights Of The Novel Following A Long Legal Battle Dating From The 1960s

Connery Played The Role Of James Bond For The Seventh And Final Time, Marking His Return To The Character 12 Years After ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ 1971. The Film’s Title Is A Reference To Connery’s Reported Declaration In 1971 That He Would ‘Never Again’ Play That Role. As Connery Was 52 At The Time Of Filming, Although Nearly Three Years Younger Than Incumbent Bond Roger Moore

Main Cast James Bond (Sean Connery), Domino (Kim Basinger), Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera), Maximilian Largo (Klaus Maria Brandauer), Ernst Stavro Blofeld / Franz Oberhauser (Max von Sydow), M (Edward Fox), Felix Leiter (Bernie Casey), Nigel Small-Fawcett (Rowan Atkinson), Q (Alec McCowen), Miss Moneypenny (Pamela Salem)…

The Capacitance Electronic Disc (CED) Is An Analog Video Disc (325 x 335mm) Playback System Developed By RCA, In Which Video And Audio Could Be Played Back On A TV Set Using A Special Needle And High-Density Groove System Similar To Phonograph Records
Warner, USA 1984

Different CED James Bond Editions Overview

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