Japanese 7″ Vinyl Double EP Single, Goldfinger James Bond 007 Movie Soundtrack Themes (33⅓RPM) Played By John Barry And His Orchestra Catalogue Number LSS-501-2-UA (Gatefold Hardcover Edition)

7″ One Side A1: Goldfinger (Instrumental) / Side A2: Alpine Drive – Aurics Factory / Side B1: Bond Back In Action Again / Side B2: Oddjobs Pressing Engagement 7″ Two Side A: Dawn Raid On Fort Knox / Side B1: The Arrival Of The Bomb And Count Down / Side B2: The Death Of Goldfinger – End Title
United Artists, Japan 1965

7″ Single Goldfinger Overview
7″ Single Complete Collection Overview

2017_04_26 (WEEK17/2017GOODIE)

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