American ‘James Bond 007 & From Russia With Love’ 8 Track Tape Slipcase Edition. Conducted By John Barry. Catalogue Number TH8-178

Programme 1 – 01 007 Theme / 02 From Russia With Love / 03 Elizabeth In London
Programme 2 – 01 Elizabeth In London (Colonel) / 02 Monkey Features / 03 Big Shield
Programme 3 – 01 The London Theme / 02 The Lonelisness Of Autumn
Programme 4 – 01 Aliki / 02 Fancy Dance / 03 Kinky
Livingstone Audio Products, USA 1960s

Various 8 Track Cartridge Tape Editions Overview

The 8 Track Tape (Formally Stereo 8; Commonly Known As The Eight-Track Cartridge, Eight-Track Tape, Or Simply Eight-Track) Is A Magnetic Tape Sound Recording Technology That Was Popular In The United States From The Mid 1960s To The Early 1980s, When The Compact Cassette Format Took Over. The Format Is Regarded As An Obsolete Technology, And Was Relatively Unknown Outside The United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, West Germany, Italy And Japan. Stereo 8 Was Created In 1964 By A Consortium Led by Bill Lear Of Lear Jet Corporation, Along With Ampex, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Motorola, And RCA Victor Records (RCA)

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