German ‘Bild Am Sonntag’ Sunday Newspaper Number 9, st Of March 2015 ‘Mother With 45, Bond Girl With 50’ Born In The Italian Region Of Umbria In 1964 Actress Is, After All, Young Enough For ‘Spectre’ The 24th Bond Film To Come Later This Year In The Cinemas. At 50 She Will Then Be Eleven Years Older Than The Previous Oldest Bond Girl Honor Blackman With 39 In ‘Goldfinger’

She Knows That. This Looks Like Everyone Who Follows Their Invitation: ‘I Love The Looks Of The Others To Me’, Says Monica Bellucci, ‘Though I’m Not Sure If Men So See Me As I Am’. Whew. You Know Now, What’s Iceberg In Italian, One Could, Ahem, Ahem, Say, Signora Bellucci, You Look Like An Iceberg, Which Can Spit Lava. And Indeed It Would Be With This Assessment Not That Wrong, Because The Signora Says Rascals And Delicate. Behind My Apparent Indifference, I Am Always Ready To Explode

Mamma Mia! When, Signora Bellucci, You Explode? Not If The Average Wwoman Pops Out. Or, Even Worse, The Rest Is Self And “Times Talk About It” Wants. No, In Matters Of Love Thinks Monica Bellucci More Masculine: ‘In A Relationship You Can Not Work’, She Says. ‘Either It Works Or It Does Not Work’

His Marriage To French Actor Vincent Cassel (48) Worked Less Than 18 Years. Which Of Course Raises The Question Of How The Father Of Her Ten-Year And Four-Year-Old Daughters Could Inspire This Symbol Of An Italian Woman For 18 Years?

Question: When It Explodes? If Her Age To Make The Subject Too Long? No, It Does Itself Also, Most Recently In A Conversation With The Old And New Bond Director Sam Mendes (49). At The Meeting With Mendes Suspected Bellucci, He Would Seek A Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman ‘Goldfinger’ 1964), Kissy Suzuki (Mie Hama ‘You Only Live Twice’ 1967) Or An Elektra King (Sophie Marceau ‘The World Is Not Enough’ 1999) In Maturing

She Was Easily Loaded, But Mendes Could Escape The Fuse. No, He Assured Her That He Was Looking Not A Bond Girl, He Was Looking For A Bond Lady
Bild Am Sonntag, Germany 2015

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