Mary Goodnight AKA Britt Ekland Autographed Photo With Dedication, Signed In Sweden September 2018 (205 x 250mm) As Seen In The James Bond Film ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ 1974

Cool Government Operative James Bond (Roger Moore) Searches For A Stolen Invention That Can Turn The Sun’s Heat Into A Destructive Weapon. He Soon Crosses Paths With The Menacing Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee), A Hit Man So Skilled He Has A Seven-Figure Working Fee. Bond Then Joins Forces With The Swimsuit-Clad Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland), And Together They Track Scaramanga To A Tropical Isle Hideout Where The Killer-For-Hire Lures The Slick Spy Into A Deadly Maze For A Final Duel

2019_01_24 (WEEK04/2019GOODIE)

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