One Of Three Produced Backdrop Switzerland Expo At Elisario Minusio Promotion Fabric Banner (1,8 x 0,7m) Shows A Photo Of Filming Goldfinger, A James Bond (Sean Connery) Movie In Which The Famous Spy Drove His Aston Martin DB5 On The Furka Pass (Special Thanks To Cornelius Schregle)

“Switzerland As Seen Through The Lens Of More Than A Century Of Foreign Films!” Backdrop Switzerland Exhibition Promotion Flyer (145 x 210mm) Celebrations Of The 70th Film Festival Locarno. Backdrop Switzerland Book Author Cormelius Schregle Invites To A Special Expo At The Elisario Culture Centre And Museum Menusio, Tessin Switzerland From 1st Of June To 13th Of August 2017. The Exhibition Shows Movie Props, Posters, Behind The Scenes Stills And Much More, Also From The Swiss Related James Bond Movies “Goldfinger” 1964 And “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” 1969
Elisario Minusio/Cornelius Schregle, Switzerland 2017

Backdrop Switzerland Overview

2020_06_23 (WEEK26/2020GOODIE)

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