American ‘Dr. No’ Betamax Video Tape, Running Time 110 Minutes Release Date 1984 Catalogue Number 4525

Dr. No Is A 1962 British Spy Film, Starring Sean Connery, With Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman And Jack Lord, Which Was Filmed In Jamaica And England. It Is The First James Bond Film. Based On The 1958 Novel Of The Same Name By Ian Fleming, It Was Adapted By Richard Maibaum, Johanna Harwood, And Berkely Mather And Was Directed By Terence Young. The Film Was Produced By Harry Saltzman And Albert R. Broccoli, A Partnership That Continued Until 1975

Main Cast James Bond (Sean Connery), Honey Rider (Ursula Andress), Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman), Felix Leiter (Jack Lord), M (Bernard Lee), Proffessor Dent (Anthony Dawson), Miss Taro (Zena Marshall), Quarrel (John Kitzmiller), Sylvia Trench (Eunice Gayson), Miss Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell)…

Betamax (Also Called Beta, As In Its Logo) Is A Consumer-Level Analog-Recording And Cassette Format Of Magnetic Tape For Video. It Was Developed By Sony And Was Released In Japan On May 10, 1975. The First Betamax Device Introduced In The United States Was The LV-1901 Console, Which Included A 19-inch (48 cm) Color Monitor, And Appeared In Stores In Early November 1975. The Cassettes Contain 0.50-Inch-Wide (12.7 mm) Videotape In A Design Similar To That Of The Earlier, Professional 0.75-Inch-Wide (19 mm), U-Matic Format. Betamax Is Obsolete, Having Lost The Videotape Format War To VHS. Despite This, Betamax Recorders Would Not Be Discontinued Until 2002, While New Betamax Cassettes Were Available Until March 2016, When Sony Stopped Making And Selling Them

Like The Rival Videotape Format VHS (Introduced In Japan By JVC In October 1976 And In The United States By RCA In August 1977), Betamax Has No Guard Band And Uses Azimuth Recording To Reduce Crosstalk. According To Sony’s History Webpages, The Name Had A Double Meaning: Beta Is The Japanese Word Used To Describe The Way In Which Signals Are Recorded On The Tape; And The Shape Of The Lowercase Greek Letter Beta (β) Resembles The Course Of The Tape Through The Transport. The Suffix-Max, From The Word ‘Maximum’, Was Added To Suggest Greatness. In 1977, Sony Issued The First Long-Play Betamax VCR, The SL-8200. This VCR Had Two Recording Speeds: Normal, And The Newer Half Speed. This Provided Two Hours’ Recording On The L-500 Beta Videocassette. The SL-8200 Was To Compete Against The VHS VCRs, Which Allowed Up To 4, And Later 6 And 8, Hours Of Recording On One Cassette

Various American James Bond Beta Video Tapes Overview

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