“Switzerland As Seen Through The Lens Of More Than A Century Of Foreign Films! (1900 – 2015)” Photo Book Backdrop Switzerland Written By Cornelius Schregle (450 Pages / 3,5 Kilo) Four Languages (English, German, Italian And French) Release Date 21st November 2016 ISBN 978-2-8251-4634-7

For Decades, Foreign Film Production Companies Have Been Making Movies In Switzerland To Take Advantage Of Its Unique Scenery And Memorable Cinematographic Backdrops. Dramatic Rocky Alpine Peaks Torment The Hero Dangling From A Cliff, Inviolable Bank Vaults Lure The Elaborate Heist, Jet-Set Mountain Resorts Inspire The Spellbinding Ski Chase While Romantic Lakeside Castles Prompt A First Kiss… All Around The World, Audiences Have Been Fascinated By The Aura Of Scenic Switzerland. Each Film’s Locations Is Specified Thereby Allowing The Reader To Come – Or Return – To Switzerland To Visit The Locations Of Their Favorite Films. They Are Really As Wonderful In Reality As They Are On The Big Screen

The Cover Of The Book Shows A Photo Of Filming Goldfinger, A James Bond (Sean Connery) Movie In Which The Famous Spy Drove His Aston Martin DB5 On The Furka Pass. Backdrop Switzerland Features Following James Bond Movies: 1964 Goldfinger (4 Pages), 1969 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (4 Pages) And 1995 Goldeneye (2 Pages)
L’Age D’Homme / Cinematheque Suisse, Switzerland 2016

Backdrop Switzerland Overview

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