Bond By Design “The Art Of The James Bond Films (Hardback Book 252 x 340mm / Sealed / 320 Pages / First Edition) Gives An Exclusive Tour Through EON Productions’ James Bond Archives – A Treasure Trove Of Set, Storyboard, Vehicle, Gadget And Costume Designs, Many Of Which Have Never Been Published Before ISBN 9780241185995

book_bond by design2

Accessing EON Productions’ Vast Archive Of More Than 50 Years Of Art And Design, Featuring The Work Of Legendary Bond Film Designers Such As Ken Adam, Peter Lamont And Syd Cain, The Book Provides An Unique, Spectacular And Fascinating Insight Into The Longest-Running Film Franchise Of All Time. Revealing The Craft Behind The Creation Of Famous Sets, Such As Stromberg’s Atlantis Base In “The Spy Who Loved Me” And Drax’s Shuttle Launch Site In “Moonraker”, As Well As Technical Drawings Of Bond’s Gadget-Laden Aston Martin DB5 The Book Includes Two Exclusive, Full-Colour Prints Of Bond Film Designs

Bond By Design: The Art Of The James Bond Films Also Brings The James Bond Story Right Up To Date With Behind-The-Scenes Artwork From The Newest Film, Spectre


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