Charles Helfenstein The Making Of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (40th Anniversary) 1st Edition Release 18th December 2009 (290 Pages / 600 Photos) ISBN 978-0-9844126-0-0

Step Back In Time To The Late 1960s, When Sean Connery Resigned From Playing James Bond, Producers Harry Saltzman And Cubby Broccoli Decided To Gamble And Doubled Down With An Untested Director And An Unknown Star And Came Up With The Crown Jewels: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Based On Years Of Research, Hundreds Of Interviews, And Exclusive Access To The Archives Of Author Ian Fleming, Screenwriter Richard Maibaum, And Director Peter Hunt, This Inside Look Features Never-Before-Published Script Details, Storyboards, Production Documents, Interviews, Memos, Marketing Material, Call Sheets, And Hundreds Of Rare, Behind-The-Scenes Photographs Of The Cast And Crew, Including Sequences And Entire Sets Not Seen In the film. From novel to script to screen, this book details the incredible journey of making the most Unique Entry In The James Bond Film Series, The Longest Running, Most Successful Film Franchise In History. This Is Not The White-Washed “Authorized” Story, But The Real Story

SPIES LLC, USA 2009 2015_07_29 (WEEK31/2015)

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