A Comprehensive Overview Of The Marketing Material For The James Bond Film ‘Goldfinger’ By German Peter Lorenz. The Book Contains 110 Pages About The ‘Goldfinger’ Marketing Back In 1964. This Book Is Unofficial And Non-Profit. All Material Contained Within Is For Informational Purposes Only. All Copyrights Belong To The Repective Owners

Book Introduction Peter Lorenz For The Marketing Campaign Of Goldfinger, The United Artists Creative Director David Chasman Chose A New, Photo Style Look. British Designer Robert Brownjohn Was Tasked With Creating Not Only The Title Sequence Of The Film But His Work Was Used For The Publicity Campaign Throughout Most Of The World. This Book Tries To Showcase The Large Variety Of Marketing Material Produced For Goldfinger Worldwide. Enjoy, Peter Lorenz Illustrated007

Content Introduction 1, Key Artworks 2, Press Stills 10 Marketing Europe 13, United Kingdom 14, France 28, Germany 35, Belgium 43, Denmark 44, Italy 46, Spain 54, Finland 59, Switzerland 60, Sweden 62, Netherlands 63,Various Marketing US & LatAm 66, United States 67, Argentina 88, Brazil 75, South Ameerica 89 Marketing AsiaPac 90, Australia 91, Japan 93, Various 102 Miscellaneous 103, About The Author 109, Acknowledgement 110
Peter Lorenz Berlin, Germany 2020

Peter Lorenz Artwork Overview


  • Richard E Altman

    2020/09/18 at 04:42 Reply

    How can I get a copy of this book?

    • 007

      2020/09/19 at 20:48 Reply

      Hi Richard
      this is not an official release. Maybe you’d like to find the autor Peter Lorenz on Facebook to get more informations

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