German ‘Unnützes James Bond Wissen / Unnecessary James Bond Knowledge’ Written By Danny Morgenstern (464 Pages) Release Date October 15, 2020 ISBN 978-3-966581-91-2

The James Bond Universe Is Gigantic. In This Book, Germany’s Leading 007 Expert Danny Morgenstern Has Compiled Everything That Can Be Revealed About Her Majesty’s Most Famous Secret Agent In The Form Of Useless Knowledge

From The First TV Adaptation To The Latest James Bond Cinema Adventure ‘No Time To Die’ 2021, This Book Offers Over 2500 Unusual Facts And Curious Incidents. Background To The Shooting – Crazy, Unused Ideas From The Scripts And Ludicrous Facts From The Bond Actors From Sean Connery To Roger Moore And Pierce Brosnan To Daniel Craig. Anyone Who Has Read ‘Unnecessary James Bond Knowledge’ Will See The Films With Different Eyes In The Future And Will Want To Read The Novels Again. This Bond Book Is Quirky And Unique
Cross Cult, Germany 2020

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