German ‘Vollgas Oder Nix – Meine Wilden 60er Mit Jochen Rindt, James Bond Und Steve McQueen / Full Gas Or Nothing – My Wild 1960s With Jochen Rindt, James Bond And Steve McQueen’ Written By Austrian Dr. Erich Glavizta, Hardcover First Edition Published 16. November 2018. 288 Pages Includes Some Pictures EAN 9783947156115 / ISBN 978-3-947156-11-5

Signed With Personal Dedication By Erich Glavitza (Please Note: Signed On A Mercury Cougar Bonnet) During The Swiss ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ 50th Anniversary Event 1st Of June 2019 At ‘James Bond Cars OHMSS50 Expo’ At Air Glacier Hangar In Lauterbrunner, Canton Berne. For The First Time Were Following Four Bond Cars Together Displayed: Aston Martin DB5 (Goldfinger 1964), Mercury Cougar (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 1969), Lotus Esprit S1 (The Spy Who Loved Me) 1977) And Lotus Esprit Turbo (For Your Eyes Only 1981)

In The Sixties, Motorsport On And Off The Piste Gets Wild. Erich Glavitza, A Man With High-Octane Gasoline In His Blood, Tries To Gain A Foothold In This Scene. The Austrian Befriends Such Greats As Jochen Rindt And Jack Brabham And Ultimately Makes A Career As A Reporter And Stuntman For James Bond And Steve McQueen’s Le Mans Film

In This Work, He Tells The Stories That Others Prefer To Conceal: How Jochen Rindt And He Explore The Top Speed Of A Ford Mustang On A Sloping Highway And Pay Them Almost For Life Because Of A Shattering Semitrailer. How He Teaches Bond Girl Diana Rigg Drifting In A Mercury Cougar. And How Steve McQueen Has A Lover And Trailer Hijacked While Filming The Le Mans Movie

A Humorous, Written With Much Austrian Charm Reading Book That Reflects The Free And Carefree Lifestyle Of The 60s Wonderful. Glavitza Lets His Readers Dive Into A Time When Sex Was Still Safe And Motorsport Was Still Dangerous, And In Which Young Guys Like McQueen, Rindt And Of Course The Author Himself Listened More To The Heart Than To The Head
Reinhard Klein Verlag Cologne, Germany 2018

Erich Glavitza Overview
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