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Signed “A Bond For Life – How James Bond Changed My Life” Extended Soundtrack Album By Swiss Yannick Zenhäusern, GoldenZen Music 2016. Benjamin Lind (Director “A Bond For Life” Documentary) Approached Yannick ‘GoldenZen’ Zenhäusern Very Early In The Making Of This Documentary. Having Followed Yannick’s Work, He’s Approached The Swiss Composer And A Very Intense Relationship, Both On Professional And Private Ground, Came Out Of It. The ‘A Bond For Life’ Extended Soundtrack Features A Whole Variety Of Different Songs Going All The Way From Bond Music, To Orchestral Suites And More Contemporary Tracks. Both The Movie And The Soundtrack Left A Mark On The Visitors Of The World Premiere In Brunswick. Many Guests Commented On The Finely Balanced Soundtrack Which In Many Places Holds Itself Back Elegantly And Explodes In The Right And Appropriate Moments. According To The Composer, The Most Demanding Task Was To Write A Good Title Song And Find The Right Voice For It. Yannick: “The Title Song Took Me About One Year To Write. The Main Structure I’ve Figured Out Pretty Quickly. Still There Were Changes Made Almost On A Weekly Basis. I had Then To Take A Break For About 3 Months To Get Fresh Ideas And Be Sure About How The End Result Should Really Sound Like” (Special Thanks To Yannick Zenhäusern)

Tracks 01 Opening / 02 How It All Began / 03 A Bond For Life Title Theme / 04 On Top Of The Dam (Extended Version) / 05 Half Of Everything Is Luck / 06 That Fateful Day / 07 Painful Memories (Extended Version) / 08 Suddenly – Tomorrow Never Dies / 09 Back In Kitzbühel – Skiing With Fleming / 10 Hello Mr. Bond (Extended Version) / 11 Best Friends / The Bond Bulletin / 13 The Butterfly Effect – All Around The World / 14 Octopussy Motorway Exit (Extended Version) / 15 Welcome To London (Extended Version) / 16 Marketto – Morten – The World Is Not Enough / 17 Meeting The Stars (Extended Version) / 18 Hugo Drax’ Castle / 19 Bond Girls Are Forever / 20 Switzerland – Schilthorn – Bond Is Back / 21 Goldeneye Rouge Agent (Extended Version) / 22 Bond Villains / 23 Verzasca Vlog (Additional Track) / 24 A Bond For Life Teaser Trailer (Additional Track) / 25 A Bond For Life Trailer (Additional Track) / 26 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Additional Track) / 27 A Bond For Life Session (Additional Track) / 28 A Bond For Life Title Theme (Instrumental Version)

GoldenZen Music, SWITZERLAND 2016

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2016_04_21 (WEEK16/2016GOODIE)

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