British James Bond 007 Fan Club Christmas Event At Pinewood Studios 1994 With Bond Star Guest George Lazenby ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), Exclusive And Limited ‘JB Unlimited’ (Jamie Beerman) ‘Merry Christmas 007!’ Based On The Music Casssette Tape James Bond 007 Fan Club Christmas Event 11th December 1994 At Pinewood Studios, The Reception Music Co. Re-Released 500 Individually Numbered CD EPs In 2001. Here We Have Number 024/500 (Signed By JB Unlimited AKA Jamie Beerman And Number 026/500 (Special Thanks To Jamie Beerman)

01 Merry Christmas 007 (John Barry)
02 Call Me Hilly (John Barry)
03 Resignation (John Barry)
04 Ice Cavern / Irma La Not So Douce (John Barry)
05 The James Bond Theme (Monty Norman)

‘Released Some Four Years Before The Propellerheads OHMSS Single, Some Would Say ‘Merry Christmas 007’ Was The Inspiration… Containing Five Tracks, Which Blend Music And Dialogue From One Of The Most Exciting Films Of The James Bond Series. Two Of The Tracks ‘Call Me Hilly’ And ‘Ice Cavem’ Were Never Released On The ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ Original Soundtrack Album, And Are Heard Here For The First Time!’
Reception Music Co., England 2001

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  • Andrew

    2020/06/02 at 08:31 Reply

    how much would an original (second hand) 1994 Cassette (in good condition with the original cardboard artwork packaging) of “Merry Christmas 007” be worth?

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