American CED Video Disc ‘You Only Live Twice’ RCA 01425 CM11E-V105241 (Playtime 117 Minutes)

You Only Live Twice Is A 1967 British Spy Film And The Fifth In The James Bond Series Produced By Eon Productions, Starring Sean Connery As The Fictional MI6 Agent James Bond. The Film’s Screenplay Was Written By Roald Dahl, And Loosely Based On Ian Fleming’s 1964 Novel Of The Same Name. It Is The First James Bond Film To Discard Most Of Fleming’s Plot, Using Only A Few Characters And Locations From The Book As The Background For An Entirely New Story

Main Cast James Bond (Sean Connery), Aki (Akiko Wakabayashi), Mie Hama (Kissy Suzuki), Tiger Tanaka (Tetsuro Tamba), Helga Brandt (Karin Dor), Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Donald Pleasance), M (Bernard Lee), Q (Desmond Llewelyn), Miss Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell)…

The Capacitance Electronic Disc (CED) Is An Analog Video Disc (325 x 335mm) Playback System Developed By RCA, In Which Video And Audio Could Be Played Back On A TV Set Using A Special Needle And High-Density Groove System Similar To Phonograph Records
RCA/United Artists, USA 1982

Different CED James Bond Editions Overview
Different CED ‘You Only Live Twice’ Editions Overview

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