German Splitter VARGR James Bond 007 Hardcover Comic Book Volume 1 (144 Pages) Written By Warren Ellis, Art By Jason Masters And Translation By Bernd Kronsbein, Publication Date June 2016 ISBN: 978-3-95839-396-7 (Sealed Book)

James Bond Is Back – Not Only On The Screen, But For The First Time After Twenty Years, The Most Famous Agent Of Her British Majesty Is Also Seen In The Comic. But This Is Not Another Cinema Adventure. Star Author Warren Ellis (“Transmetropolitan”) Instead Relies On The Original Bond Of His Creator Ian Fleming, But Moves Him Into The Present. That Is, 007 Is Rather Cold-Nosed Than Cool, More Chauvi Than Charmer, And The Old Playboy Camouflage Has Been Flipping Off Anyway. But He Still Has The License To Kill, And He Is Determined To Use It. Not Just Because He Has To Occasionally. But Probably Because He Wants It. Because The Bond Of Fleming And Ellis Is Clear About His Elite Status, But Knows Only Too Well What That Actually Means: That He Is Entrusted With Tasks, Which Scarcely Presents Itself Otherwise. An Impertinence. His Considerable Wear On Material And Women May At Least Partly Explain This. Revenge Is Always A Motive. Perhaps It Would Be Time For Him To Reinvent Himself Fundamentally? Only, Who Still Saves The World? One Can Be Curious About The Answers That Ellis And His Congenial Draftsman Jason Masters (“Batman Inc.”) Give Their Bond With On The Way …
Splitter/Dynamite Entertainment, Germany 2016

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