American 007 Cosmetic Line, Gift Set ‘K’ (Retail Price 1966 $ 3.-) Includes Pre-Electric Lotion (4oz) And After Shave (4oz). During The James Bond 007 Craze Of The 1960s One Of The Earliest Promotional Drives Ever Staged Found Manufacturers Trying To Obtainlicenses For James Bond 007 Inspired Goods And Products. Companies Around The World Had Products Ranging From Suits, Shoes, And Trench-Coats To Vodka And Golf Equipment, As Well As Mens Jewelry Items Such As Cuff Links And Toiletries For Sale With The James Bond 007 Label

In 1965 Colgate-Palmolive Began Test-Marketing Their 007 Line 0f Mens Toiletries. They Had An Ad Campaign Directed Towards Women ‘Dare To Give Him 007… He’ll Love You For It’. The Ad Geared To Men Stated ‘When You Use 007… Be Kind.’ Colgate-Palmolive Released Several Products In Their 007 Line To Include: After Shave / Cologne / Hair Tonic / Talc / Soap / Pre Electric Lotion / Shave Cream and Deodorant
Colgate-Palmolive, USA 1966

James Bond 007 Collection Overview

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