American Zippo James Bond Sean Connery Polished Chrome Gasoline Lighter Limited Series, Model 01/06 Related To The First James Bond Movie ‘Dr. No’ 1962 Features An Adaption Of The US Film Poster Artwork By David Chasman
Zippo, USA 1995

Zippo Sean Connery Series Overview
American Zippo Collection Overview

Zippo, World Famous Windproof Metal Lighters With Lifetime Guarantee Manufactured By American Zippo Manufacturing Company Of Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States Of America Since 1932

  • Davie clark

    2017/05/19 at 06:02 Reply

    I’m a collector of zippo’s and anything to do with James Bond but I would like to know what price they’re saling for thank you.

  • Davie clark

    2017/05/19 at 06:22 Reply

    Dear mr zippo I live in Glasgow Scotland away the other side of the world form the best lighter company ever I’ve been an avid collector of zippo’s for many years now. I do apologise now. But recently I’ve been trying to buy 007 (James bond) zippo’s but the fact I can’t work out the prices into uk stilling from US dollars and also there’s no price for me to do that. Thanks Davie

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