Swiss ‘Skyfall’ Concert Flyer (120 x 210mm) At KKL Lucerne 6th – 8th December 2019. Played By The City Light Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Kevin Griffiths

KKL Concert Hall Lucerne Due To The Unique Location At Europe Square On The Lucerne Lake Cove Of Lake Lucerne, The Architect Tried To Connect To The Water. Since The Conditions Prevented A Building On The Water, He Built The Water In The Architecture Of The House. The Front Sight Consists Of Three Buildings Which Bear The Function Visually To The Outside, And In Between Can Be Found Both Inside And On The Forecourt Water. The Three Parts Of The Building Hosting The Concert Hall

The KKL (The Culture and Congress Centre) Concert Hall Is One Of The Best Halls For Classical Concerts. Both The Visual And The Technical Interior Looking Like Him And Were An Example Of The Dortmund Concert Hall, Which Opened In 2002. The Acoustician Russell Johnson, In Collaboration With Jean Nouvel Created A First-Class Concert Hall. The Ensemble In The Form Of A Hull Facilities Include Electrically Adjustable And Specially Designed Reverberation Chambers Plaster Reliefs. This Versatile Design Allows For Tuning To The Different Requirements Of The Music Being Played. The Isolation Of The Sound Source, It Is Exceptionally Complicated, For Example, The Inputs Were Designed As Locks. Inside The Silence Is Almost Physically Tangible
KKL Luzern, Switzerland 2019

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