British James Bond 007 ‘The World Is Not Enough’ Limited MA-2 Bomber Olive Jacket Edition (100% Nylon / Interlining 100% Polyester / Size M) With Embroidered ‘007’ Logo On The Front And ‘The World Is Not Enough’ Movie Lettering On The Back Side

The MA-2 Bomber Jacket (Also Known As The MA-2 Flight Jacket Or CWU-45 Flight Jacket) Is An Advanced Version Derived Of The Original MA-1 Bomber Jacket That Was Originally Designed For The American Military During The 1950s (CWU Stands For ‘Cold Weather Uniform’)

The Term MA-2 Was A Trademark Of The Cobles Clothing Company, Adopted In The Late 1980s When The CWU-45 Military Jacket Started To Gain Popularity In Street Fashion. The Term MA-2 Has Become So Popular It Is Now Used Interchangeably With CWU-45 To Represent This Type Of Jacket
Cobles Clothing Company, England 1999

2020_05_30 (WEEK22/2020GOODIE)

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