JBCD James Bond Club Deutschland ‘Gunbarrel’ Magazine Number 3, Januar 2017 ‘On The Tracks Of Roger Moore’, Issue 250 Copies (80 Pages) Features James Bond (Roger Moore) As Seen In ‘A View To A Kill’ On The Frontpage. James Bond Club Deutschland Become A Member

003 President Andreas Pott’s Letter, Editorial And Content / 006 James Bond Concert And Dietmar Wunder (German Daniel Craig Voice) Reading In Remscheid / 008 Location Tour Austria / 011 Interview Brigitte Millar (Dr. Vogel In Spectre) / 012 10th Anniversary “Casino Royale” / 24 James Bond Meets Cinestrange / 028 Location Tour Bilbao / 032 35th Anniversary “For Our Eyes Only

048 James Bond And The Cultural Sciences / 050 Bond In The Square / 053 James Bond Day / 057 Interview Antje Schmiidt (AVIS Agent In Tomorrow Never Dies” / 058 A Dream Came True / Interview Elke Ritschel Statist In “A View To A Kill” / 061 Bond Back In Berlin (Madame Tussauds) / 062 Souvenir De France / 070 Interview Julia Kulbarsch-Wilke (James Bond Book Author) / 072 Book Review, The James Bond Archive (Spectre) / 074 Book Review, On The Set Of James Bond (Spectre) / 076 JBCD Regional / 079 Comic Con Stuttgart

Inclusive Special Goodies Supplement
* 20th Anniversary Of ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ 2017, Götz Otto (Bond Villain Stamper) Message Card To The JBCD Members (Authentic Print)
* 40th Anniversary Of ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ 2017, The Iconic ‘Stromberg-Fish’ Special Limited Edition Of 165 Needle-Pins. Exclusively Designed By JBCD Member Christian Willenberg And Donated By JBCD Member Jörg Schenke
* James Bond Comic By Ellis Masters (Bookmark) Spitter Verlag Germany
James Bond Club Germany 2016

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